Rob’s Vision for Colwood 2018-2022 Elect Rob Martin in Colwood

Under his leadership, Rob expects residents to hold him accountable to…

Colwood Economic Development


1. Build a balanced Municipal economy where business plays a more significant role. Presently, 93% of Colwood’s net taxable assessed value  comes from Colwood homeowners. To lower the tax burden on residents, we must grow our business community. The long-term financial health of Colwood depends on it.

Colwood's Natural Environment


2. Protect and enhance Colwood’s natural environmental assets. Colwood has over 50 parks that have been underserviced for far too long.



3. Alleviate the transportation woes of Westshore commuters. Rob will tackle this head- on with direct involvement with neighbouring communities and the Provincial government to find new, innovative approaches.


4. Create an inclusive community where all residents of Colwood: children, youth, adults and seniors feel they belong. After all, it is our family, friends and neighbours that make this community so great! Elect Rob Martin in Colwood